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The Word of His Testimony… Restored

Was The Messiah "God" or 100% a man?

Was The Messiah like me?

The Role of The Messiah - The signatory of The New Covenant

Our responsibilities within The Yahushaic Covenant

Grace, Liberty, and The Law of Yahuah

Theoretical Theology

The First and Second Coming

The Kingdom of Yahuah Defined

The Citizens of the Kingdom of Yahuah

The Constitution of The Kingdom of Yahuah

The Days of Celebration in The Kingdom of Yahuah

The Law and His Commandments... Abolished?

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  • Table of Contexts

  • Preface

  • Introduction - A little Nazarene Background

    • Why is Yahusha Called the Branch?

    • The Branch in The Heavenly Scroll

  • Chapter 1 - The Emergence of The Nazarenes

    • Nazarenes were “complete Jews”

    • Nazarenes originated as Essenes

    • The Leader of the Nazarenes

    • John the Great Nazarene – The Teacher of Righteousness

    • Yahusha the Nazarene – follower of John

    • James the Just, brother of Yahusha the Nazarene and Leader of the early assembly of Nazarenes

    • The Apostle Sha’ul – Leader of the Nazarenes, follower of Yahusha

      • The Emergence of the Nazarenes under Rav Sha’ul the Apostle

      • Sha’ul attacks James the Just on the Temple steps

      • Sha’ul emerges as The Leader of The Nazarenes

  • Chapter 2 - Sha'ul the Nazarene

    • “All I need is the Ruach, I don’t need no stinkin’ teacher! I FOLLOW NO MAN!!!”

    • Rav Sha’ul’s 10 Rules of Study

    • A guideline to restoring Sha’ul’s Writings

      • A foundation from which to approach Sha’ul’s writings

      • Yahusha did not come to teach in depth

      • Rav Sha’ul the Apostle was chosen to teach the depths of The Yahushaic Covenant

      • The Apostle Sha’ul’s view of The Law: Abolished or not?

      • Paul or Sha’ul

  • Chapter 3 - The Pauline Doctrine ... Hellenizm + Syncretism

    • The Effects of Hellenism

    • Syncretism

  • Chapter 4 - The fate of the Nazarenes

    • Nazarenes stricken from history!

    • The Real Players… there was not a Christian among them!

    • ‘Judas the betrayer’ or Yahudah the Scicarii (assassin)?

    • The Historical Battle of the Nazarenes

  • Chapter 5 - Adopted through Mikveh, begotten through resurrection

    • ‘Echad’ is One Family!

    • One… Echad or Yachad?

    • Adoption... Resurrection

    • Miraculous Births are for a Sign... not to Deify

    • Born Again: Baptism by Water or Fire or both? What is The Way?

  • Chapter 6 - The Way of the Nazarene

    • The Way of the Nazarene

      • Yahuah Promises Remnant Israel (the New Bride) “a Way”

      • Nazarenes are His Children... NOT His “Wife” ...

      • The Two Baptisms Explained

      • Being Born Again is a Process

      • The Yahushaic Covenant is the Fulfillment

    • The fundamental Promise and result of The Way

      • How our sin is forgiven

      • The Way Revealed to John!

      • Sha’ul Laid out The Way of The Nazarene

      • The Way… the most Fundamental Doctrine

    • What is The Way of The Nazarene Yahusha?

      • “Born fully human in every way"

      • Born void of the Knowledge of Yahuah, had to grow into the Knowledge of Yahuah and the Truth

      • Born disobedient and imperfect, perfected through a life on Earth

      • Discipline is the mark of a True Son of Yahuah

      • Fulfill the Righteous Requirements of the Intent of The Law through Mikveh, His Temple washed clean with Living Water.

      • Once Yahuah has Purified His Temple, He then Pours out His Spirit upon His Children

      • Yahusha was “Born Again” into The Kingdom of the Father upon Mikveh

      • The Spirit an Earnest Guarantee of their future literal birth as Elohim upon Resurrection.

      • The Father then honors that guarantee as Yahusha “commended his Spirit back to The Father”

      • Yahuah then “Adopted Yahusha” into His Family and granted him Eternal Life” by the Power of that Spiritual Guarantee...

      • Yahusha’s sacrifice was for himself, as well as the rest of us!

    • The Way of The Nazarene taught by Sha’ul the Leader of The Nazarenes

      • The Witness of The Nazarene is Water, Blood, and Spirit

      • The Testimony of Yahuah; that Yahusha is the Messiah

      • The Witness of Yahuah that testifies of Yahusha

      • What do Water, Blood, and Spirit mean?

      • Incarnation is a sound-bite LIE denied clearly by Yahusha.

  • Chapter 7 - The Branch fulfilled by the Nazarene

    • Yahusha did NOT “come down from heaven”

    • The Coming of The Branch foretold in The Heavenly Scroll… “Orion the Son of Man”

  • Chapter 8 - The Branch who sprung up as 'The Tree of Life'

    • Yahusha was Crucified on the Tree of Life

    • The Tree of Life is The Nazarene!

    • Yahusha is “the Branch” that was broken off from his own (the Jews) and planted in the ground

    • The Nazarenes are “the Branches flowing from The Tree of Life”

    • Yahusha is that Branch that sprung up from death the Fulfillment of The Tree of Life.

  • Chapter 9 - The Nazarene is as 'a lamb slaughtered from the foundation of the world'

    • Revelation of The Heavenly Scroll Prophesied by Yahusha

    • Prophecy fulfilled in their lifetimes

    • Orion is the Son of Man in Heaven

  • Chapter 10 - The Mark of Incarnation & The Mark of the Beast

    • The Deceiver

    • John identified Jesus Christ as the Beast

    • 666 is a violation of Scripture not to “add to or subtract from”

    • John saw the SYMBOL not a NUMBER

    • Does ‘arithmos’ mean ‘number’ or ‘symbol’ in context of Rev. 13?

    • Arithmos (ariqmoV) mistranslated

    • Do these Greek letters point us uniquely to the name “Jesus” and “Christ”?

    • What version of the Christogram did John see in Rev. 13?

    • XES points to the Trinity as well as Christ

    • The Sign and the Seal of the Beast is the X monogram

    • XES is the pictogram

    • XES ssociation with Zeus

    • They who don’t have the mark of Incarnation could not buy or sell

    • The First Beast is the Second Beast is Christianity

    • How Rome became the “seat” of the Babylonian Religious Cult

    • The First and Second Beast of Revelation

  • Chapter 11 - The Birthright of all Nazarenes

    • Was Yahusha different at all when he was human than the rest of us?

    • The Purpose of Yahuah and the Role of The Nazarene – “I am the first and the last!”

    • The Mystery of the Ages: Yahuah’s Purpose!

    • I am the “First and the Last”

    • Yahuah or Yahusha: Who is the Alpha and Omega (Aleph and Tav)?

    • Alpha and Omega? Or Aleph and Tav!

    • Aleph/Tav ADDED by Scribes!

    • Yahuah’s Plan/Purpose is The Light of the World

    • The First and the Last In Context\

    • Yahusha is the Second/Last Adam

    • Yahusha is The Covenant whereby Yahuah Fulfills His Purpose’

  • Chapter 12 - The Nazarene must fulfill the Plan of Salvation

    • The Blind Following the Blind

    • Creation is crying out the Plan of Salvation

    • Sha’ul Declared Faith comes the Message Proclaimed by The Heavenly Scroll!

    • The Feast Cycle is based on the Message written in the stars!

    • The Physical Shadows of Marriage

    • Physical to Spiritual Parallel of The Wedding

  • Chapter 13 - The Promise of Living Water fulfilled in Yahusha "the water bearer"

    • What about... the Age of Aquarius the Water Bearer?

    • The Festival of Water Libation

  • Chapter 14 - Did the Nazarene pre-exist and "come down from heaven"?

    • Isaiah 48:14-17 – Proof that Yahuah IS Yahusha or a demi-god? Not so fast!

    • John 10:36 – “Yahuah consecrated Yahusha and sent him into the world!” … from heaven?

    • Zechariah Chapter 3 – Yahuah’s consecration of Yahusha as High Priest, King of Kings, and Eternal Judge

    • “Only a God could do what Yahusha did!”

    • “And no one hath ascended into heaven, but he that descended out of heaven, even the Son of Man, who is in heaven.” John 3:13

  • Chapter 15 - Logos... or Debar? The pagan philosophy of Incarnation!

    • Incarnation is pagan philosophy

    • The False Messiah is an incarnation of “God”

    • Yahusha is ‘Yahuah come to Earth as a man’ is Blasphemy

    • The Pagan Logos

    • Hellenism is Greek paganism

    • "Sound Bites" vs. Sound Teaching

    • ‘Logos’ - a pagan philosophy developed in the 4th Century. Not in The Torah/Prophets!

    • Debar vs Logos

    • The real meaning of John Chapter 1

    • Yahusha is NOT “God manifested in the flesh”

    • The Lying Pen of the Scribe Strikes Again

    • Rightly Dividing the Word of Righteousness

    • Yahusha was Created and began to exist in his mother’s womb!

  • Chapter 16 - If "Yahuah is Yahusha" we are dead in our sin!

    • Human Sacrifice Forbidden

    • How is death defeated in each of us?

    • Yahusha would send “the Comforter”

    • “I will forgive the sins of the land in one day!” ... Says Yahuah

    • The Covenant of Peace with the High Zadok

    • How did Yahusha defeat death?

    • Every one dies for their own sin!

    • A “God” Cannot Atone for the Sin of Mankind!

    • The Messiah had to be 100% human! Or the Plan of Salvation has failed!

  • Chapter 17 - Born "according to the Spirit"

    • The Ruach is The Breath of Yahuah

    • What did the Messiah mean by “born of the Spirit?”

    • Yahusha was born with a “dead Spirit” like all men... he “came in the flesh” and had to be “Born Again”

  • Chapter 18 - When was the Debar fulfilled in the "flesh"?

    • What year was the birth of the King?

    • The Scriptural “clues”!

    • The Evidence

    • Adjusting the Historical Dates

  • Chapter 19 - The Branch and The King of ALL Kings

    • The Title “King of Kings”

    • The King of Kings

    • Miriam’s Paternal Grandfather - Matthan ben Levi the Great Grandfather of Yahusha the Messiah

    • Miriam’s Paternal Grandmother - Princess Alexandra II - The Great Grandmother of Yahusha the Messiah

    • Miriam’s Maternal Grandfather - Zadok High Priest Yahusha III the Great Grandfather of Yahusha the Messiah

    • Joseph’s mother and father - Jacob ben Matthan & Cleopatra of Jerusalem VIII

    • Jacob ben Matthan – Babylonian Ancestry

    • The Family of Yahusha’s Relationship with the Hasmoneans and the Herodians

  • Chapter 20 - The Branch and The Melchi Tsedek

    • Two Competing Priesthoods

    • The Scarlet Thread of Redemption

    • A Rightful King by My Decree

    • Tithe, spoils of war, or just a portion of food at the table?

    • The Royal King of The House of David

    • The Curse of Jechonias

    • Yahusha Consecrated Ruling Zadok High Priest by Yahuah

    • The “Testimony” of Yahusha the Messiah

    • Yahusha III and the Daughters of Jerusalem

    • Witness of Bloodline

    • The King of Salem is Not Shem

    • Yahusha was born outside of ANY Divine “seed”

    •  Conclusion

  • Chapter 21 - The Nazarene Creed

    • Scriptural Support for The Nazarene Creed...

    • We are all “the son of man” and came “according to the flesh”

    • We all Fulfill the Righteous Requirements of The Law

    • We all embody the Fullness of Deity in human form

    • We all are the Image of the Almighty God

    • We are all ‘god’ and we are all the Son of God

    • We are all Eternal Priests and Kings in the order of Melchizedek

    • The Spirit of Yahuah descends upon us all upon Mikveh!

    • We are all “One” with the Father

    • We are all set apart during my Earthly life

    • We are all Righteous Judges over the Nations

    • We all must demonstrate The Way by example of our life

    • We are to walk that same path of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering

    • We all must bring our Life as a Living Sacrifice, a Perfect Lamb on Passover

    • We all defeat The Law of Sin and Death, through Resurrection

    • We all have the Authority to forgive sin

  • Chapter 22 - A Call to Arms

    • The Battle of the Ages

    • Sealed Soldiers of Yahuah

    • The Seal Defined

      • Discipleship and Mentors is the Nazarene Way

      • The Firstborn of the Dead NOT God in the Flesh

      • Always keep this in mind

      • Trained vs. Untrained Soldiers

      • Different positions, both good and bad at play

      • Know Your Enemy – The Soldiers of The Spirit of the False Messiah

      • Stay above the mud slinging

      • Know the Truth, do not mislead others in your ignorance

    • Qualification to attain the “Seal of a Soldier”

      • Requirements of a Good Soldier/Warrior to win the Crown of Righteousness

      • Description of the War the Sealed Servants/Warriors fight

      • Weapons of Warfare

      • Description of a Sealed Servant/Warrior

      • Characteristics of a Sealed Servant/Warrior

    • A Soldier's Armor

    • A Soldier’s Shield

    • A Soldier's Motto

    • The Battle Plan




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