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Chapter 7

The Spirit of the Dragon


The Identity of “The Dragon”

If we are to go beyond just knowing what the Fall Feasts mean and how to celebrate them as his Bride; but actually have the wisdom to foresee how they will be fulfilled… we must know exactly who the fulfillment of these pictographs in The Heavenly Scroll are. Only then can we be on alert and not fall for deception. We know who the Son of Man is represented by ORION, Ophiuchus, Persius, etc. It is Yahusha the Messiah who fulfilled The Heavenly Scroll during his life on Earth. The next allegory (pictograph) in The Heavenly Scroll we must identify is The Dragon whose spirit does battle with the Son of Man in The Battle of the Ages.


Revelation 12:9
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent (Draco), called the Devil, and Satan, who deceives the whole world. He was cast out into the Earth, and his angels were cast out with him.


The full description of the “battle” that is waged over the course of this Age (of PISCES), is laid out in Revelation Chapter 13 in great detail and in the graphic novel in the “sky” called The Heavenly Scroll. The players involved are not named specifically in either scroll, the Earthly or Heavenly, but instead are represented in the Mystery Language of prophecy, using metaphors, pictographs, and allegories.  In Revelation 13 we see a Dragon, a Beast coming out of the sea, a first Beast, a second Beast, a False Prophet, a False Messiah, a False Mark, and so forth. The mystery is what and who do these metaphors/images speak of over the course of the last 2000 years (since this Book of Revelation was written)? We are at the end of the Age now, and they have been fulfilled! John was shown The Heavenly Scroll in the book of Revelation and given the meaning of the pictograms and The Battle of the Ages. The book of Revelation could be more aptly titled “Revelation of The Heavenly Scroll”.


Revelation 5:1 - The Opening of the Scroll of the Mazzaroth.
Then I saw in the right hand of the one who was seated on the Throne a scroll written on the front and back (3D scroll of heavenly pictographs) and sealed with seven seals.


As I have been pointing out, all the Prophets of Yahuah based their prophetic understanding on The Heavenly Scroll called The Mazzaroth (Zodiac). When breaking the seals over the Book of Revelation, we must search all the Prophets of Yahuah, because Scripture interprets Scripture. As I have been pointing out, ALL the Prophets of Yahuah used The Heavenly Scroll as a guide, as the constellations and stars are literal signs (and pictographs) that layout in “heaven” what must take place on Earth. We see the Prophet Zachariah was shown The Heavenly Scroll (as was all the Prophets) and based his prophecies upon that which was written within this “Scroll flying about in Heaven”.


We see Zachariah speak of two women, the two witnesses, two lampstands, and a standard of measurement (ephah) which is a metaphor of the standard of perfection of Yahuah’s two literal witnesses; The Law and The Prophets. The point below is, again, The Heavenly Scroll is the “source” of understanding! Notice also, the mention of a “Babylonish” land in the end, and the description of the false religious temples. This is a key to understanding The Dragon. Below I put Zachariah back into ‘context’ using parenthesis (). When this is done, we see Scripture agree with no contradictions and come alive!


Zachariah 5:1-9

1 Then again I raised my eyes (up) and looked (at the stars and constellations), and behold (in heaven), a flying scroll! 2 He said to me: What do you see (when you look up at the stars)? And I answered: I see a flying scroll; its length is twenty cubits; about 30 feet, and its width is ten cubits; about 15 feet. 3 Then he said to me: This is the curse that goes out over the face of the whole Earth (to all who deny The Heavenly Scroll and commit the two evils Jeremiah 2:13) Everyone who steals will be cut off (from the Book of Life Revelation 13:8) according to what is written on this side of the (Earthly) scroll (The Torah); and every one who vows falsely will be cut off (from the Book of Life Revelation 13:8), according to what is written on the other side of the (Earthly) scroll (The Torah). 4 I will send the curse out (Isaiah 24:5), says Yahuah (Creator) of (the starry) hosts (constellations which ‘host stars’ Isaiah 45:12): and the curse will enter into the house (worship centers) of the thief, and into the house of him who vows an oath with My Name for the sake of falsehood (saying Yahuah came to Earth as a man and died Romans 1); and the curse will remain in the midst of his house, and will consume it together with the sacred (Ashtaroth) poles and the stones (of its temples) measured off for desolation. 5 Then the Malak who was speaking with me came forward, and said to me: Lift up your eyes now (and read the stars), and understand that which is sent by commandment (‘Your Word, oh Yahuah, is eternal, it stands firm in the Heavenly Scroll’ Psalm 119:89). 6 And I asked: What is it (that I am beholding in The Heavenly Scroll)? And he answered: This is the ephah (standard of measurement); The Standard of Perfection, which is sent by Yahuah’s command. Then he added: The Heavenly Scroll is honor, knowledge, and understanding throughout the whole Earth (Psalm 19). 7 And behold (The Dragon fighting against The Son of Man), the sum total of the heaviest cover (over the minds of the people); of deception and delusion, was taken away from their eyes. And there was the First Woman; The First Era of The House of Yahuah, established in the midst of the ephah; 8 And this is the wickedness: And Satan (The Dragon) overthrew The House of Yahuah within the midst of the ephah (with the Temples with Ashtaroth Poles); by casting the same weight of lead (over the minds of the people); cover of deception, against her mouth; successfully suppressing the Word of Yahuah (corrupted The Heavenly Scroll). 9 Then I lifted up my eyes and looked, and behold: Two women (remnant Bride take from The House of Israel and the House of Judah); The Spirit of Yahuah (denial of incarnation) came to overspread them (the Elect); and they were protected by the covering of (mark of the) saints (The Shema - Yahuah is ONE, not a trinity or bi-entity). And they (their minds being sealed with the Mark of God) exalted, magnified, and extolled the ephah; The Standard of Perfection sent by Yahuah’s Laws, separating the way of the world (Easter Pig/Wide Gate) from The Way of Yahuah (Passover/The Narrow Gate). 10 Then I said to the Malak who was speaking with me: Where are they (who being filled with the Spirit of Elijah, who teach); The Two Witnesses (The Law and the Prophets), going with the ephah? 11 And he said to me: To build The House of Yahuah in a Babylonish land which does not yet exist (The USA). And it will be established at that time; when (those with the Spirit of Elijah who teach) The Two Witnesses (The Law and the Prophets) are called out to their work (restore the hearts of the children back to Yahuah their Father Malachi 4:6)

With that clear understanding of what the Heavenly Scroll proclaimed to Zachariah, I will begin to shed light on The Dragon so that we will be equipped at the end of the Age to witness the fulfillment of The Fall Feasts.


The Temples with Ashtaroth Poles that spread the Spirit of the Dragon

We are going to trace back the Spirit of the Dragon which spread across the Earth after the Tower of Babel and was/is identified by Obelisks (Ashtaroth Poles). Zachariah 5:1-11 gave us several clues:


·         The Spirit of the Dragon is known by Ashtaroth Poles

·         The Dragon’s temples are built with stones with Ashtaroth Poles as a signature mark!

·         The land of this great deception will be Babylonish and not discovered at that time!

You see, in the religion born in Babylon, the Ashtaroth Poles or “Poles of Ishtar” were a symbol of fertility. They represented Nimrod’s private parts, which were never found after Nimrod was cut into pieces and spread all over the Babylonian Empire. Both the Religion of Babylon, and the “Babylonish land” at the end will be clearly marked with these poles! They are known in history as Obelisks.


A close up of a tower

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These poles adorn EVERY religion of The Dragon in history, to clearly mark this deception throughout every Age (if we simply open our eyes).


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From Babylon to Rome to the USA... The Spirit of The Dragon is obvious. Notice the Obelisk at the Vatican in the middle of the corrupted Zodiac circle. Notice the steeple on the Christian Church with the cross of Tammuz on top, All symbols of Sun Worship.


To identify the Dragon (the Spirit behind the First and Second Beast that gives the beast its throne and power) we must begin our search by going back to Babylon. It was in Babylon that the corrupted version of The Heavenly Scroll (sun worship) was formulated into a formal religion. To know how things end, we must first know where they began. So, let’s take a journey back to Babylon where this religious lie was created that today has the entire world in deception (Revelation 18:23, 17:5, and 18:23).


The Spirit of The Dragon is a religious spirit formulated in Babylon of Sun Worship known by beliefs and rituals of Sunday, Easter, Christmas, Incarnation, and the Trinity.


Every pagan “God in the flesh” is based on the corrupted version of The Heavenly Scroll (Sun worship). These abominations (incarnated godmen) are identified by the rebirth of the sun on December 25th as their birthdays. Every culture tried to fulfill the message in the stars by creating demi-gods to worship to fulfill the false corrupted version of the Zodiac... all “God the Son” or God came to Earth as a man.


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Every pagan god-man is based on The Spirit of the False Messiah or Spirit of The Dragon... the doctrine of Incarnation


The Dragon in The Heavenly Scroll

The identity of the Dragon is, as we all know, Satan. That is clearly defined in the Book of Revelation:


Revelation 12:9
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, who deceives the whole world. He was cast out into the Earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

First let us “look up and behold The Heavenly Scroll!” as all the Prophets of Yahuah openly declare in all their writings. What was it in The Heavenly Scroll that they saw written in the stars as pictographs they called The Dragon? When speaking of The Dragon, it is mainly the constellation Draco. “Draco” is Latin for “Dragon”. In the Book of Job (where many constellations are named by name, and Yahuah openly declares that it is He who authored the Zodiac), we see a reference to the constellation Draco. When describing Yahuah’s majesty in the Heavens, Job declares:


Job 26:13

"By His breath the heavens (The Heavenly Scroll) are garnished (with pictographs/constellations); His hand has pierced the crooked serpent.

The “crooked serpent” is the constellation Draco, which stretches out across a third of the “heavens”.


Revelation 12:3-4

3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven: And behold, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon her heads. 4 And her tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven

In the Heavenly Scroll we see several constellations represent the Son of Man and the Dragon that depict different scenes in The Battle of the Ages. The pictograph of Ophiuchus is the Son of Man battling the Serpent while crushing the head of the scorpion (the enemy) who is striking his heel.



The battle we see in Ophiuchus in The Heavenly Scroll is described by John below:


Revelation 12:7-9

7 And there was war in heaven; Michael and the Angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought with the Angels, 8 But did not prevail, nor was their place found any more in heaven. 9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, who deceives the whole world.

The Heavenly Scroll reveals the battle between the Son of Man and the Dragon in multiple pictographs (constellation) formations. Let’s look at “who” The Dragon really is, and how its spirit has “deceived the whole world” exactly as prophesied as it is The Wide Gate. The Dragon is the religions of the gentiles called The Way of the Gentiles.



The Dragon in History - the “Spirit” behind all false religions

We read in Revelation Chapter 13 that a “beast” comes out of the sea (sea monster)


Revelation 13:1-4

1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea… and the dragon gave him his power, and his throne, and great authority… 4 And they worshiped the dragon which gave power to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying: Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?

We read that The Dragon gives this “beast out of the sea” a throne, great power and authority.


Revelation 13:2

And the dragon gave the beast his power and throne and great authority.


Revelation 13:4
People worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast

To understand clearly where this “beast out of the sea or sea monster” originated, we need to take a journey back to Babylon. We are going to clearly define what this “Dragon” was, and the spirit behind it. To do this, I am going to quote from my book Christianity and the Great Deception.





From Dagon to the Dragon the “Spirit” behind Christianity…
From Christianity and the Great Deception by Rav Sha’ul


The word “dragon” comes from the word “Dagon” one of, if not the, oldest pagan gods dating back to Nimrod in Babylon and to the Sumerian culture before that. Dagon evolved over time and cultures into the dragon:

Dagon is where the word dragon came from. When a nation conquered another nation, they would take their gods and incorporate them into their belief system eventually remaking everything in our own image.

Semaramis (queen of Babylon) became Isis, who became Ishtar/Easter, who became Venus, who became Aphrodite, and finally the Catholic version of the Virgin Mary. In the same way Nimrod (King of Babylon) became Dagon then became the sea serpent, then the dragon, then Neptune, then Poseidon, and then Zeus, and finally Satan.


The reason Neptune carried the trident, is the same reason you see Satan with the pitchfork. The trident was the article from the Jewish Tabernacle for turning the sacrifice. The Taneem (great sea monster Genesis 1:21) was created on the 5th day when God created the fishes and the birds. The association to the goat is also in Scripture as well as in satanic worship. The goat fish Capricorn was also a direct association to Satan as well as Draco the Dragon, Hydra the Septa (the sea Monster), and Serpens the serpent.

As I demonstrated my book “Mystery Babylon: The Religion of the Beast,



Nimrod was the first false messiah ruling over the first attempt at a world government. Beginning with Nimrod in Babylon, mankind began to worship leviathan (sea serpent) they called Dagon, later known as The Dragon:


·         Job 41:1 Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down?

·         Isaiah 27:1 In that day Yahuah with his great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent (Draco); and he shall slay the dragon (or Taneem in Hebrew) that is in the sea.

·         Job 41:7 Canst thou fill his skin with barbed irons? or his head with fish spears?

This Dragon in the Sea, or DAGON the Fish God, called leviathan the sea monster in Scripture, was worshipped by those in ancient Babylon and associated with Nimrod the first high priest of Dagon. Worship of Dagon was passed down after Yahuah confused the languages and scattered humanity across the Earth at The Tower of Babel. It was this religion originating in Babylon around the corrupted Zodiac that was prevalent throughout the pages of Scripture and continued at the time Rome destroyed Jerusalem.


The Israelites on several occasions fell to this deception and worshiped Dagon, erected Ashtaroth Poles, and worshiped Semaramis as “The Queen of Heaven”. They even worshiped Tammuz and to this day that remains the name of one of the Jewish Months of the year to prove it to their utter shame!




It was this religion of Dagon that permeated the high priestly ranks of paganism and was the foundation of The Christian Church which even today continues to wear the priestly garments of Dagon.



Where did Satan come from?

The etymology of the name “Satan” is directly connected to Leviathan. Sa-TAN and Levia-TAN both are derived from the word TANeem (sea creature) which is plural. The singular of Taneem is TAN. Sa-TAN and Levia-TAN are simply later versions of the Taneem god Dagon later known as The Dragon as the word Dagon evolved over time.

mysteryreligionbyslayerIt is Dagon the Dragon that is the spiritual source behind the Christian Church the Religion of Babylon (Rome formally transferred the religion of Babylon to Rome). Any Sunday/Christmas/Easter/Trinity/Jesus church is the Religion of Babylon founded on The Spirit of the Dragon. The Pope and priesthood of the Catholic Church is the high priest and priests of Dagon the Dragon in disguise (not a very good disguise actually).

The Priests of Dagon even to this day wear the “fish hat” called a Mitre Hat. They have dictated Christian theology world-wide including Protestant Theology from the City of Rome for 1500 years. Every fundamental doctrine of the Christian Church such as Sunday worship, Christmas, Easter, The Trinity, abolishment of The Law, pagan holidays, etc. were all Papal Edicts not found in Scripture. They violate clear explicit commands in Scripture, so we are taught “Jesus did away with the Law” to sell this lie.


Rome = Babylon

Rome is actually called “Babylon” in The Bible because it embodied the same Mystery Religion of Babylon.


1 Peter 5:13
church that is at Babylon (speaking of the church in Rome), elected together with you, saluteth you; and so does Marcus my son

It is a matter of historical fact that the Mystery Religion of Babylon was literally and FORMALLY transferred from Babylon to Rome (when Rome conquered Babylon) ....


"When Attalus, the Pontiff and King of Pergamos died, in B.C. 133, he bequeathed the headship of the “Babylonian Priesthood” to Rome. When the Etruscans came to Italy from Lydia, (the region of Pergamos), they brought with them the Babylonian religion and rites.


They set up a Pontiff (High Priest of Dagon the Dragon) who was head of the priesthood. Later the Romans accepted this Pontiff as their civil ruler. Julius Caesar was made Pontiff of the Etruscan Order in B.C. 74. In B.C. 63, he was made “Supreme Pontiff” of the “Babylonian Order,” thus becoming heir to the rights and title of Attalus, Pontiff of Pergamos, who made Rome his heir by will. Thus, the first Roman Emperor became the head of the “Babylonian Priesthood,” and Rome the successor of Babylon. Each successor to Emperor from that point forward held the title Pontifus Maximus literally The High Priest of the Babylonian Cult of Sol Invictus which was simply another incarnation of Mithraism stemming from the worship of Tammuz in Babylon. The Pope of Rome now carries forward that High Priesthood as Pontiff.


The Roman Empire began their official recognition of sun worship during the time of Aurelian when he instituted the cult of “Sol Invictus”. There is virtually no difference between the cult of Sol Invictus and that of Mithraism or for that matter Catholicism/Christianity. All later versions of The Mystery Religion of Babylon the Great Whore. In the year 307 A.D. Emperor Diocletian, a Sun Worshipper, was involved in the dedication of a temple to Mithra, and was responsible for the burning of Holy Scripture (the Hebrew originals that is why we don’t have any today) which made it possible for later emperors to formulate Christianity, and thus began the Roman version of the “Universal Christo-pagan Mystery Religion.” After the reign of Diocletian, the Roman Emperor Constantine (the creator of modern-day Christianity) maintained the title “Pontifus Maximus” the high priest of paganism and remained a worshipper of Apollo (Apollo is Tammuz in the Greek culture). His coins were inscribed: “SOL INVICTO COMITI”, which is interpreted as “Committed to the Invincible Sun”. During his reign, pagan Sun worship was blended with the worship of the True Creator (called syncretism), and officially titled “Christianity” by the (less than holy) Roman Empire and its’ official church the (less than holy) catholic (universal) church.


Cybele, the Phrygian goddess, known to her followers as “the mother of god”, was closely related to the worship of Mithra. Just as Mithraism was a man’s religion, the worship of Cybele was practiced by women. The priests of Mithra were known as “Fathers” and the Priestesses of Cybele as “Mothers”. After baptism into the Mysteries of Mithra, the initiate was marked on the forehead with an X. The sign of the cross formed by the elliptic and the celestial equator was one of the signs of Mithra. Sunday (Deis Solis), the day of the Sun, was considered by Mithraist a sacred day of rest. December 25th (the birthday of Mithra) was celebrated as the birth of the Sun, given birth by the “Queen of Heaven” – “Mother of god.” The Mithraists celebrated a mithraic love feast. This feast consisted of loaves of bread decorated with crosses with wine, over which the priest pronounced a mystic formula. Mithra was considered mediator between god and man (another "Demi-God" or "God in the Flesh"). All of which, originated in Babylon as a religion based on the corrupted Zodiac.


This is the true origin of Christianity! Once we fully understand what “Christianity” actually is, what it is based on, and where it came from, then we can begin to understand why Christianity abolished the Law of Yahuah, abolished His Sabbath Day, and changed the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb to the Easter Pig. Every one of the above moves (not commanded by Yahuah) were made by the Pope of Rome… The High Priest of Dagon… The Dragon.




The Mitre Hat

The priests of Dagon were known by their “Mitre Hat” which resembled an open mouth of a fish. The same hat worn even today by The Pope as well as Cardinals and Bishops. All “priests of Dagon” and the religion that surrounds them, even to this day, is identical to that born in Babylon.


As the pagan religion of Babylon was forced upon humanity by the Roman Emperor Constantine, the pagan aspects of worshipping Dagon, the fish god, was toned down. This was to make assimilation of other religions easier as to not offend other religions. All pagan religions were assimilated into The Universal Church of Rome through the process of syncretism. Syncretism is the blending of pagan religion with the worship of Yahuah. It is an abomination to Yahuah.



Not only are the ancient Priests of Dagon (Fish Worship) found wearing the Mitre hat, but also the Pope and Bishops of Rome are frequently found wearing this Mitre Hat.



This “clergy” system forms a pagan priest class NOT defined in The Word of Yahuah, but rather clearly defined in Ancient Babylon transferred to Rome becoming the official religion of Rome. And it is from this false class of “priests” we get every doctrine of the Christian Church. We see the Priest of Dagon on the ancient wall drawing in every culture, even as far back as the Sumerians, when The High Priest of Dagon then served the Nephilim rulers:


ancient aliens

The “beast coming out of the sea” that John saw in Revelation Chapter 13 is a direct reference back to Babylon and the god Nimrod worshipped.


DAGON or OANNES - "He would go back into the sea to spend the night, because he was amphibious. He had the head of a man; covered by the head of a fish and had the legs and feet of a man and the torso of a man but was covered by the scales and tail of a fish. " Berossus; from ancient fragments (Isaac Preston Cory)


Christianity (or shall I say Satan behind it) has done a very masterful job at concealing its true identity. However, that mask is coming off as knowledge increases at exponential rates mainly due to the internet. We are no longer bound by the mental chains of the Christian Church who has made it a top priority to keep the masses in total ignorance for 1500 years.


We can now actually research its origins and test the historical accuracy of its claims. Many over the centuries have questioned its rituals and practices simply because they cannot be found in the Bible. But now, we can fully unmask this false religion and expose it for what it is… paganism dating back to dagon7Babylon.


"The great apostate church of the Gospel Age, true to its Babylonish origin, has actually adopted this fish god in its ritual; for the pope on certain occasions manifests by his head gear that he is the direct representative of Dagon.


As it was an indispensable rule in all idolatrous religions that the high priest should wear the insignia of the god that he worshipped, so the sculptures discovered by Layard show that the priests of Dagon were arrayed in clothing resembling fish. This is probably the "strange apparel" referred to in Zeph. 1:8. Berosus tells us that in the image of Dagon the head of the man appeared under the head of the fish, while Layard points out that in the case of the priests "the head of the fish formed a mitre above that of the man, while its scaly, fan-like tail fell as a cloak behind, leaving the human limbs and feet exposed.". . (Babylon and Nineveh, p. 343)

Originally the High Priest of Dagon literally wore a gutted fish over their head with the body of the fish draped down like a cape behind them. That “dress” evolved over time...







dagon3The Dagon priests in Babylon wore hats that represented the open mouth of the fish, as if it were placed upon their heads - and the fish's body was seen extending from that head and mouth, down the priest's back to form a “robe”. These exact priestly garments adorn the ranks of the Christian Clergy.


"The two-horned mitre, which the Pope wears, when he sits on the high altar at Rome and receives the adoration of the Cardinals, is the very mitre worn by the priests of Dagon, the fish-god of the Philistines and Babylonians.". -
The Two Babylons; Alexander Hislop; p. 215






dagon4Not only does the Pope wear this "Mitre" hat, but so do the Cardinals on certain occasions when they are dressed in their royal regalia… a far cry from the suffering servant Yahusha the Messiah and what he taught. These “priests” of Dagon today known as The Pope, Cardinals, and Bishops have elevated their station literally to Royalty among men.


There is nothing in The Word of Yahuah or the historical record indicating that The Messiah Yahusha ever wore such a hat or created such a priestly High Class of Royalty.

"...there are strong evidences that Dagon was Nimrod.... All scholars agree that the name and worship of Dagon were imported from Babylonia.". - The Two Babylons, Hislop, p. 215



"In their veneration and worship of Dagon, the high priest of paganism would actually put on a garment that had been created from a huge fish! The head of the fish formed a mitre above that of the old man, while its scaly, fan-like tail fell as a cloak behind, leaving the human limbs and feet exposed." - Babylon and Nineveh, Austen Henry Layard, p. 343


"The most prominent form of worship in Babylon was dedicated to Dagon, later known as Ichthys, or the fish. In Chaldean times, the head of the church was the representative of Dagon, he was considered to be infallible, and was addressed as ‘Your Holiness’. Nations subdued by Babylon had to kiss the ring and slipper of the Babylonian god-king. The same powers and the same titles are claimed to this day by the Dalai Lama of Buddhism, and the Pope. Moreover, the vestments of paganism, the fish mitre and robes of the priests of Dagon are worn by the Catholic bishops, cardinals and popes - The Wine of Babylon; Pg. 9


ICHTHYS - Symbol of “The Fish

Dagon (fish worship) is the source of the Christian symbol of the fish. Actually, ICHTHYS can be traced back to fish worship of Dagon and the Zodiac Sign of PISCES. We are “told” it is because some of the Disciples were “fisherman” or that Yahusha would make us “fishers of men” among other excuses. The truth is that it is nowhere defined in Scripture, but yet… the real source of the Christian fish symbol is that of Dagon fish worship. Just like the Mitre Hat.

Smith’s Bible Dictionary Dagon Fish Worship - from “Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism”

It was said that a fish ate one of these chunks and became transformed. Later, Isis [Semaramis] was fishing along the river bank when she fished up a half-man, half-fish. This sea creature was Dagon, the reincarnated Nimrod. And Dagon is the representation of Nimrod (of ancient Babylon) resurrecting out of the ocean depths as a half-man, half-fish.

Manners and Customs of the Bible; by James Freeman

 “Dagon is the diminutive of dag, and signifies… fish… The Babylonians believed that a being, part man and part fish, emerged from the Erythraean Sea, and appeared in Babylonia in the early days of its history… Representations of this fish-god have been found among the sculptures of Nineveh. The Philistine Dagon was of a similar character.”

This also explains the symbol for Christianity, the fish – the “Ichthys” which is Dagon:

Oxford English Dictionary (C. E.)

Definition – “Ichthyic” – “of, pertaining to, or characteristic of fishes; the fish world in all its orders.”

fish1The worship of Dagon also affected people’s eating habits. Now the mystery of why the Catholics abstain from eating fish on all days except Fridays comes into focus. This restriction of eating fish is not found in Scripture. Whether they realize it or not, they are practicing the ancient pagan rite of worshipping Dagon. The Catholic Encyclopedia even admits such abominations of the “so-called Church”:

The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913, Encyclopedia Press

 “As to the ritual of his worship… we only know from ancient writers that, for religious reasons, most of the Syrian peoples abstained from eating fish, a practice that one is naturally inclined to connect with the worship of a fish-god.”



The Dragon in the Book of Revelation is the constellations Draco, Serpens, Scorpio, and others which are shown in The Heavenly Scroll as being in a cosmic “war’ with ORION, Ophiuchus, Persius, and others.


The Dragon is traced back to Babylon where the false religion originated. It was the worship of Dagon, the fish god, that was the spirit behind the religion in Babylon then Rome then Christianity. That religion was based on the corrupted version of the Babylonian Zodiac known as Sun worship. It was formally introduced (as Sun worship) when Nimrod, the High Priest of Dagon, died and ‘became the Sun’. He was then known as Ba’al. The religion in Babylon was known for:


·         Ba’al (Sun Worship) was known as The LORD which is a title for Ba’al!

·         Ashtaroth Poles we now call obelisks and now steeples.

·         The Godhead was a “trinity” in the images of Nimrod, his wife Semaramis, and their son Tammuz.

·         Tammuz was the second member of the Trinity, who was considered the “son of the Sun” and “God in the flesh” as his mother Semaramis was believed to be impregnated by the “rays of the Sun” in a virgin birth.

·         The “sacrifice” of that religion was a pig on what they called Ishtar Day. In English… Easter.

·         They hunted Ishtar Eggs as Ishtar was believed to come to Earth in a giant egg!

·         Tammuz was said to be born on December 25th, the rebirth of the Sun each year.

Beginning to sound familiar? I explain in my book Mystery Babylon the Religion of the Beast exactly what they believed. Then I compare that religion to Christianity in my book Christianity the Great Deception. They are identical!


The Priests of Dagon (even to this day) wear the “fish hat” and dictate Christian theology world-wide including Protestant Theology from the City of Rome (modern Babylon). Every fundamental doctrine of the Christian Church (such as Incarnation, Sunday worship, Christmas, Easter, The Trinity, abolishment of The Law, pagan holidays, etc.) were all Papal Edicts coming down from The Dragon High Priest... not found in Scripture. They violate clear explicit commands in Scripture. Rome is called “Babylon” in The Bible because it embodied the same Mystery Religion of Babylon that was formally transferred to Rome when Rome conquered Babylon.

1 Peter 5:13

The church that is at Babylon (speaking of the church in Rome), elected together with you, saluteth you; and so does Marcus my son-----

Once we fully understand what “Christianity” actually is, what it is based on, and where it came from, then we can begin to understand why Christianity abolished the Law of Yahuah, abolished His Sabbath Day, and changed the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb to the Easter Pig. Every one of the above moves (not commanded by Yahuah) were made by the Pope of Rome… The High Priest of Dagon… The Dragon. Because it is The Dragon that gives this pagan High Priest his thrown and power today just as it did in the days of Babylon. The Pope is the High Priest of Dagon the Dragon and literally sits on a throne!


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The High Priest of Dagon, The Dragon and the throne of the Devil.


This is what the Bible calls Mystery Babylon the Whore because it prostitutes out the worship of the ONE True God to a plurality of gods (the Trinity, Saints, Jesus, Holy Spirit, etc.)


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Revelation 17:4

The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries.





Breakdown of Revelation Chapter 13

Below I am going to break down Revelation Chapter 13 in detail.  If you haven’t read my books Babylon – The Religion of the Beast and Christianity – The Great Deception now would be a very good time to review them as I prove all of this in great detail!


Revelation 13

13 The dragon (Dagon the Fish God, later known as the Dragon) stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea



NOTE: Babylon worshipped Dagon known as the Dragon coming out of the sea who is half fish and half man. Rev. 13:1 is a direct reference to Dagon, see Chapter 1 in my book Christianity – The Great Deception. Below I provide a small excerpt. Dagon evolved over time and many cultures as follows ending up as the Dragon:     


The Pope is the High Priest of Dagon and the Spirit of Dagon (the dragon) is the Spirit behind Christianity.

dagon7fishgodandpopeshat.jpgThis “Dragon in the Sea or DAGON the Fish God” called leviathan in scripture was worshipped by those in ancient Babylon and associated with Nimrod the first High Priest of Dagon.  Worship of Dagon was passed down after Yahuah confused the languages and scattered humanity across the globe. It was this religion that was prevalent and continued at the time Rome destroyed Jerusalem. It was this religion of Dagon that permeated the high priestly ranks of paganism and was the foundation of The Catholic Church which even today continues to wear the priestly garments of Dagon the Dragon:




Revelation 17:4
And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication


popesthroneNow back to Revelation Chapter 13

2 … The dragon (Religion of Dagon, The Pope is The High Priest of Dagon) gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority... 4 People worshiped the dragon (unknowingly) because he had given authority to the beast (by worshipping Jesus you are actually worshipping the dragon and following the commands of The High Priest of Dagon, the Popes. Every fundamental doctrine of all Christian Churches are by Papal Decree and contradict Yahuah’s commands), and they also worshiped the beast (666-as written in Greeka.k.a Jesus Christ) and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?” 5 The beast (666-as written in GreekJesus Christ) was given a mouth (The Pope is Jesus’ representative on Earth known as The Vicar of Christ and speaks for him) to utter proud words (that he has abolished The Law, he changed The Sabbath to his holy day Sunday, he changed Passover to Easter) and blasphemies (that 666-as written in GreekJesus Christ is god incarnate) and to exercise its authority for forty-two months.



42 months using the day/year principle was fulfilled when The Papacy ascended to power as the Head of State. 1260-year period should commence with 755 AD, the actual year Pepin the Short invaded Lombard territory, resulting in the Pope's elevation from a subject of the Byzantine Empire to an independent head of state. The Donation of Pepin, which first occurred in 754 and again in 756 gave to the Pope temporal power of the Papal States. However, his introductory comments on Daniel 7 added 756 as an alternative commencement date. Based on this, 19th century commentators anticipate the end of the Papacy in 2016.


6 It opened its mouth to blaspheme Yahuah (saying Yahuah came to Earth and we killed him for our sin), and to slander His name (calling Yahuah “the LORD” which is Ba’al. Changing the name of Yahusha which means “Yahuah is Salvation” to Jesus which means Hail Zeus) and his dwelling place (Ba’al Shamayim took The Throne in Heaven by force) and those who live in heaven (caused mankind to worship the stars/constellations). 7 It was given power to wage war against Yahuah’s holy people and to conquer them (the inquisition, the Roman/Jewish Wars, the Crusades, the Holocaust etc.). And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation (Rome conquered the known world and so now has Christianity). 8 All inhabitants of the earth will (eventually) worship the beast (Christianity is the largest religion on Earth)—all whose names have not been written in the Passover Lamb’s book of life, the Passover Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world (those who put their faith in the Easter Pig and not in The Passover Lamb. The Beast (SUS) out of the Earth (JE)… i.e. the JE (Earthly) SUS (Pig) 666-as written in Greek)


11 Then I saw another beast (Christianity), coming out of the earth (Je in Latin is “earth” or “mother earth”.  SUS is pig, Jesus is the pig (beast) of the earth.  The second beast is a religion flowing forth from 666-as written in Greekaka Jesus Christ). He (the leader of this religion, The False Prophet Popes) had two horns like a lamb (Miter Hat), but he spoke like a dragon (the Spirit of Dagon).


Note: It is Dagon the Dragon that is the spiritual source behind the Catholic/Christian Churches based in Rome (any Sunday / Christmas / Easter / Trinity / Jesus church). 


The Pope and priesthood of the Catholic Church are the high priest and priesthood of Dagon the Dragon in disguise (not a very good disguise actually).


12 He (the Pope, High Priest of Christianity) exercised all the authority (Vicar of Christ) of the first beast (666-as written in GreekJesus Christ) on his behalf (Authority of the Church doctrine), and (Christianity the second beast) made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast (666-as written in GreekJesus Christ), whose fatal wound had been healed (the beast 666-as written in Greekis based on the Messiah’s life but it is a FALSE image of Yahusha). 13 And he (second beast/Christianity) performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men. 14 Because of the signs (only a wicked and adulterous generation require a “sign” Matthew 16:4) he (Christianity) was given power to do on behalf of the first beast (666-as written in GreekJesus Christ), he (Christianity) deceived the inhabitants of the earth (the largest religion on Earth is Christianity). He (Christianity) ordered them (humanity) to set up an image (of 666-as written in Greekin The Temple of Yahuah – we “invite Jesus into our hearts) in honor of the beast (666-as written in GreekJesus Christ) who was wounded by the sword and yet lived (another reference to Jesus being a false image of Yahusha in order to deceive). 15 He (second Beast/Christianity) was given power to give breath/Ruach (Spirit of the False Messiah and Spirit of Error) to the image of the first beast (666-as written in GreekJesus Christ), so that it could speak (to the hearts of man) and cause all who refused to worship the image (of 666-as written in GreekJesus Christ) to be killed (Christianity is by a long shot the bloodiest religion in the history of the world killing literally millions upon millions of people since its inception.  Killing multitudes of millions in “Jesus Name”).


16 It (Christianity) also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark (xes2) on their right hands or on their foreheads,

NOTE: It was ordered by a bull of Pope Martin the Fifth, “that no contract should be made with such, and that they should not follow any business and merchandise: save he that had the mark; took the oath to be true to the pope, or made a public profession of the Popish religion: or the name of the beast; Papists, so called from the pope”. The Mark of Jesus is “X” as in X-mas which is drawn on the forehead of Christians while reciting “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost” and sealing the mind with Trinity:    

mark of the beast


17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark (xes2),


Bishop Newton, "dissent from the stated and authorized forms (of Christianity); they are condemned and excommunicated as heretics; and in consequence of that they are no longer suffered to buy or sell; they are interdicted from traffic and commerce, and all the benefits of civil society.


which is the name of the beast; or rather the symbol of its name. 18 This calls for wisdom (spiritual understanding of the mind). Let the person who has (spiritual) insight reckon up the symbol of the beast that identifies him, for it is the symbol of a man. That symbol is 666-as written in Greek (mark, monogram, pictogram; the symbol uniquely identifies both Jesus and Christ it is the only symbol that is used for XESus, and Christos, and the serpent xes3).


The identity of The False Messiah was hidden by Yahuah and not given to either the prophet Daniel or the prophet John. 

Revelation 10

4 Now when the seven thunders uttered their voices, I was about to write; but I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, “Seal up the things which the seven thunders uttered, and do not write them.” And they were hidden until the very end of time and given to men of Wisdom risen up for the appointed time.


Daniel 12

4 But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end… 8 I heard, but I did not understand. So I asked, “My lord, what will the outcome of all this be?” 9 He replied, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end.

Yahuah’s plan still required thousands of years to play out. If the mysteries explained in this chapter were revealed too early, then Jesus Christ would never have been able to deceive the Earth as Yahuah had planned. Once you unravel these mysteries in the books of Daniel and Revelation then Jesus Christ stands out as the only “image of a man” in human history that qualifies as the False Messiah. The symbol John saw is written all over Christianity as the symbol that identifies Jesus Christ specifically. No other man or “image of a man” in history or the future can fulfill these prophetic words.


For more on The Son of Perdition, The Dragon, The Beast, and the rest of the imagery found in Scripture please see my book The Antichrist Revealed!



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