Ordained Will vs. Perfect Will
by Rav Sha'ul

Yahuah's Perfect Will and Yahuah's Ordained Will.  They are different. 

The Bible reveals both Yahuah's Perfect Will and His Ordained Will.  The Bible lays out Yahuah's Perfect Will and then we live out His Ordained Will.  In His Ordained Will, nothing ever created can live up to His righteous Perfect Will (not the angels, not Israel, not the sons of Yahuah, and not the dammed)  The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of His Perfect Will... eliminating the ability to BOAST and creating a need for a savior... His Son.  All of which is known as Yahuah's Ordained Will.

    • It was Yahuah's Perfect Will that the angels live in harmony with Him, yet His Ordained Will that they rebel in order to establish a system of Good vs. Evil by which to train His elect.
    • It was Yahuah's Perfect Will that mankind (Adam) not sin, yet His Ordained Will that Adam fall to remove any form of boasting that mankind "deserves" mercy.
    • It was Yahuah's Perfect Will that Israel bless all nations.  But Yahuah's Ordained Will that Israel fail and the Messiah fulfilled Israel's destiny.
    • It was Yahuah's Perfect Will that mankind accept Yahusha the Messiah and submit, yet it was His Ordained Will that the eyes of the Jews would be blinded and Yahusha would have to die.
    • It is Yahuah's Perfect Will that none should perish but Yahuah's Ordained Will that most men do perish.

How can Yahuah's Perfect Will not be done?  Easy He is Yahuah.  He states His Perfect Will to man, setting a bar of righteousness.  Then He predestined the course of history.  That predestined course is known as His Ordained Will.  He is Yahuah.  He has every right to set a standard and then put mankind through a life of failing this standard in order to develop disciplined children which is exactly what He did. 

So Yahuah declares His Perfect Will and we know exactly what that is.  The we "live out" His Ordained Will and come to know over time what that is.

Yahuah's Perfect Will is the bar of perfection.  He "ordained" that we fall short of it.  Yahuah states His Perfect Will in the Bible (namely the LAW) in order to illustrate that we are not righteous (because His Ordained Will is that we all fall short). 

You could ask me... How can a righteous Yahuah, create evil?  Is 45:7.  Again, evil is part of Yahuah's Ordained Will.  Yahuah communicates His Perfect Will to man to establish His attributes, character, righteousness, justice, etc. Then executes a predestined plan and within that Ordained Plan or "Will" He clearly states that He created damned and saved.  And He even told us why in Romans 9.  You cannot stear clear of this concept.

There are mysteries, Yahuah's ways are higher.  And this is one of them.

The Bible addresses both Yahuah's Perfect Will and His Ordained Will.  We understand that in Yahuah' Perfect Will that none should perish and we obey the Great Commission to preach the gospel to all nations.  Yet we know that only the Elect are saved through faith. But we understand the Yahuah's Ordained Will is that we take the gospel to all nations so that He may recall the lost sheep of the House of Israel.

So to make your search for the truth a little easier and your understanding of what seems to be conflicting doctrine,  you have to come to an understanding that Yahuah has a declared Perfect Will and that is very different from His predestined Ordained Will.



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