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Excerpt from

Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

The Yahushaic Covenant volume iii
Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

Rav Sha'ul

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Why Caiphas wanted to kill Yahusha
by Rav Sha'ul

Here was Ananias, the high priest of the House of Zadok who (though truly was of the authorized family of high priests but not anointed by YHVH... that anointing went to John the Baptist) became a Hellenistic seeking internationalist. He bought with impunity the rights to the office of the high priest from the current Roman procurator. This “House of Annanias” was a family of Sadducees, who had become transformed by the monetary obsession of power, greed, and control called the “Golden Calf” and used their wealth to become the shakers and movers of the geo-political forces that moved through Jerusalem. Their wealth gained by laundering money in The Temple and abusing the office of High Priest. This is why the true Zadokite High Priest anointed by YHVH, John the Baptist, rebelled against the corruption of The Temple and served YHVH directly “in the wilderness”. John wanted nothing to do with the corrupted priestly system in place in The Temple at that time. Many Jews were well aware of this too and followed the teaching and authority of John. Including Yahusha.

The Patriarch of the family, Annanias, and his high priest son-in-law, Caiphas, were co-conspirators who sought to destroy Yahusha. Yahusha was the one Davidian, who carried in his genes the potent fusion of Davidian and Zadokite bloodlines (remember John, the other genetic potential, had been executed already). Yahusha carried the potent bloodline of the royal mantle as a Priest-King of Israel and the messianic mantle as the Maschiach Yisra’el (Messiah of Israel) of the House of David. He was a direct threat to The House of Annanias.

Yahusha’s life and ministry inspired the hatred of the House of Annanias, for only Yahusha was capable of toppling the power and authority of this powerful high priestly family that had turned the sacred House of YHVH (the Temple of Herod) into a “den of thieves”. So, Patriarch Annanias and his son-in-law, the High Priest Caiphas became the head of the “leading Jews” that instigated, plotted and conspired to fulfill their dream to eradicate this famous Rabbi of Galilee named Yahusha the Natsri (Nazarene which means The Branch) the royal descendant of David and the Zadokite High Priest Yahusha III.

In the gospels, they were “The Jews” who sought to destroy Yahusha. It was Yahusha HaNotzri (Yahusha the Nazarene or THE BRANCH) who had garnered a large following in the foothills surrounding the Sea of Kinneret (Galilee). This large following was no accident as Prince Yahseph and Princess Miriam were well known candidates to be the parents of The Messiah. The people (looking for the Messiah) knew Yahusha was a Royal Prince/High Priest as he was the child of a very carefully cultivated bloodline of Prince and Princesses and High Priest in the line of Zadok to Aaron.

The Jews were eagerly awaiting The Messiah’s arrival and came out in droves to hear Prince Yahusha the High Priest speak to see if he was in fact… The Messiah. Annanias and Chiaphas knew Yahusha was the rabbi who threatened to bring his spiritual revolution to the doorsteps of the temple! And they knew he was qualified to be the Ruling Zadok (Melchizedek). In fact, that is exactly what Yahusha did. As in the Bazaar of Hanan, with a whip in his hand, he threw out the money changers and almost toppled the power of the House of Annanias/Chiaphas.

Here in the temple called the “Temple of Herod, Inc” was being conducted the most lucrative money laundering enterprise in the Eastern Roman Empire. Think of a Movie Theater today and how you cannot bring food in. You are forced to buy food at exorbitant prices. In that day, when you went to The Temple to make an offering, you had to purchase the animals to be sacrificed from The Temple Priests at exorbitant prices (you couldn't bring your own). I don't remembering this statute in The Torah! People worked and did business in a multi-cultural world at that time with many currencies. You also had to “change your money” from one currency to the next in The Temple to give offerings at an exorbitant exchange rate. I don't remember reading that requirement in The Torah either? No these were not authorized activities to be taking place in The Temple.

This was the source of the financial power of Ciaphas and the REAL reason behind his motivation to have Yahusha executed. Not only was Yahusha the legitimate High Priest in the Order of Zadok but he was threatening to overthrow the “money”. We all know how well that goes over, when you are a threat to “the money” you must die.

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* Excerpt from the book The Kingdom of Yahuah



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