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The Kingdom



Excerpt from

The Kingdom

Rav Sha'ul


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Paul’s letter to the Ephesians
by Rav Sha'ul


Paul again addressed the re-unification of The House of Israel back to YHVH below:

Ephesians 2

11 Wherefore remember, that you being in time past (called) Gentiles in the flesh, who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumcision in the flesh made by hands (The Jews called The House of Israel “Gentiles”);
12 That at that time ye were without the Messiah (lost in exile among the Gentile nations), being aliens (in strange pagan lands) from the commonwealth of Israel (descendants of Jacob to which you truly belong), and strangers from the covenants of promise (YHVH made to His people through the bloodline of Jacob), having no hope, and without YHVH in the world (as a result of being divorced by YHVH, separated and dispersed for rebellion):
13 But now in Messiah Yahusha ye (House of Israel, the lost sheep) who sometimes were far off (scattered among the pagan gentiles nations) are made nigh (restored again to your inheritance, the commonwealth of Israel) by the blood of the Messiah.
14 For (Yahusha) is our (Israel’s) peace, who hath made both (houses, Israel and Judah) one (again, coming as Messiah ben Joseph to reclaim the lost sheep of the House of Israel), and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us (the breach or enmity between the two Houses);
15 Having abolished (death) in his flesh the enmity (hatred toward or rebellion against), even the law of commandments contained in ordinances (of YHVH that we must keep through Love, having found Grace for our transgressions); for to make in himself of two (Houses: House of Israel and House of Judah) one new man (Remnant Israel), so making peace (between the sons of God);
16 And that he (Yahusha) might reconcile both (houses) unto YHVH in one body (fulfilling prophecy of the Messiah to reunite Israel) by the cross (through covenant), having slain the enmity (between the two Houses) thereby:
17 And (Yahusha) came and preached peace to you (House of Israel) which were afar off (scattered among the gentile nations), and to them (House of Judah) that were near (in the land of Israel and not lost).
18 For through him (Yahusha the High Priest) we both (House of Israel and House of Judah) have access by one Spirit (of reconciliation) unto the Father.
19 Now therefore ye (the House of Israel) are no more strangers (to the commonwealth of Israel you once belonged) and foreigners (in pagan lands as lost sheep), but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of YHVH (grafted back into the tree you belong called Remnant Israel);

That is what The Apostle Paul actually said.


The sons of YHVH are and have always been from the bloodline of Jacob.  They are a small remnant taken from among The House of Israel and from among The House of Judah and reunited into one nation again called Remnant Israel.  They are those chosen sons in covenant with Yahusha who keep His Sabbaths, who have had their minds sealed by YHVH, who have a heart for His Law, and who will be transposed (resurrected) into an eternal life in The Kingdom of YHVH.


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