7 Covenants of Perfection
by Rav Sha'ul

While replacement Theology teaches us the New Covenant rendered all other covenants void and null, this could not be further from the Truth..

Roman Christianity teaches that the New Covenant replaced the Torah (Old Covenant of Moses)... I believe The New Covenant provided grace in light of our inability to keep the Torah thereby removing the "enmity" between us and the law.  The New Covenant FULFILLED or made whole the "Old".  There are 7 covenants between man and YHWH... the Edenic, the Adamic, the Noahic, the Abrahamic, the Davidic, the Yahushaic, and the Eternal Sabbath Covenant.  All 7 in totality work in perfect harmony together for the good of those that love YHWH and teach mankind through progressive disclosure who God is and who we are in relationship to Him: 

  1. Edenic - Sabbath Covenant - points to the 7th Millennium when the curse of the Adamic is lifted and the sons of God are revealed and liberate creation and are trained to rule for eternity.... Plan is over after 7,000 years and eternity begins.7-day Sabbath portrait introduced... His creation was given to his sons to rule over.  Marriage Covenant established.
  2. Adamic - if we fail to govern properly... we are held accountable.  6 day curse, messiah prophesied etc. Sin revealed.  Battle between good/evil began.
  3. Noahic - Satan tries to pollute the genetic structure of mankind through having sex with women mutating the genetic code of man to thwart plan of Salvation (seed of a woman) creating the Nephalim.  YHWH corrects the situation by killing every human save Noah.  Basically a refirmation of the Adamic after the complete failure of man, God will not tolerate failure plan must succeed and we start all over.  Demonstrating the true nature of the "remnant" being so small as only 1 family on earth at that time.
  4. Abrahamic - All of YHWH's Universe will be blessed by the sons of God, a literal bloodline family.  Creation moans and groans for the revelation of that family to liberate it.  Sacrifice of son will be required of God not man, God will provide salvation from death (Abraham/Isaac)
  5. Mosaic - YHWH will lead His sons out of the bondage of sin and death (Egypt).  Law or constitution that will govern Universe given to sons of YHWH.  Priesthood established.  Tabernacle given.  Promised land.  Physical portraits that point to Spiritual meaning of messiah given.
  6. Davidic - Righteous King will destroy the enemy, retake the Kingdom and establish it.  Kingly line that will govern the Universe established, eternal throne promised.  Jerusalem established, Temple built, etc.
  7. Yahushaic - Marriage Covenant established and consummated with the blood of Messiah making us ONE with YHWH.  Grace given in light of transgressing His Laws removing the enmity toward the Torah (ill will toward it because we can't keep it) fulfilling the Law.  So now we keep it out of love not obligation.  All physical metaphors revealed in their true Spiritual significance.... Priestly line of David through Nathan restored.  Kingly line of David through Solomon restored.  Family relationship with YHWH revealed, eternal life revealed, all sons no Priest and Kings. etc. etc.  Tabernacle/Arch of Covenant of YHWH is now Spiritual within each son (Laws written on our heart, staff of Aaron we are shepherded by the High Priest, manna from heaven our Spirits are fed daily).  Kingdom of YHWH is a family not confined by land boundaries... Kingdom will rule all the universe.  Resurrection from dead, elohim, authority of YHWH, command of physics, and much much more.  Zadok Priesthood established in the order of Milchizedek.



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