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The Yahushaic Covenant Volume 1



Excerpt from

The Yahushaic Covenant Volume 1
by Rav Sha'ul

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Did Paul teach that The Law was nailed to the cross?
by Rav Sha'ul


Christianity’s most famous false doctrine is that “Jesus nailed The Law to the cross” and abolished it.  Like all false doctrines this is a sound bite implied doctrine that contradicts explicit commands and scripture.  It not only contradicts Yahuah commandments and Yahusha’s explicit statements (that he did not come to abolish the Law) but it also contradicts Paul’s other writings. 

This false doctrine is based on the following sound bite:

Colossians 2 – New American Standard Edition

14 having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us; and He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.

First of all, no where in the scripture above does it say The Law was nailed to the cross.  It says “the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us” was nailed to the cross.  Based on this one sound bite, Christianity lumped all the terms and conditions in all covenants (The Law) together with the covenants themselves, group all the covenants and The Law together with The Writings and The Prophets and in one abominable stroke… the Christian Church abolished the entire Word of Yahuah; the true Scriptures which they then called the “Old Testament”.  This is what the Bible declares is “the Spirit of Error” as I have shown in this book series.

Before I put the above sound bite back into context a few definitions are in order so that we have the same mind set and understanding that the Apostle Paul had who wrote it.  The Apostle Paul was a Pharisee which means he was a master teacher of The Torah and Prophets (the true Scriptures).  Paul was well aware of the definitions below:

The Law – a term used for all 613 “instructions” in righteousness found in The Torah.  The Law contains very distinct categories of

·       His Commandments (Ten Commandments)

·       His Ordinances/Laws (Dietary, Priestly, Sacrificial, Ritual Purity, Sacrificial, Judicial, Moral, Agricultural, Business, Sabbatical, Community, Prohibition, Tithes/Offerings, etc.)

·       His Decrees (Judicial Judgments amounting to a Certificate of Debt against us for our disobedience to His Commandments and His Laws)

I want to bring your attention to Colossians 2 because what Paul said was nailed to the cross were the decrees against us not The Law of Yahuah.  In The Law Yahuah gave His commands and Ordinances/Laws and instructed us to keep them for all eternity.  Yahuah also included in The Law His judicial judgments that are against those who violate the Commands/Law/Ordinances.  These are called “decrees”.  We see below that even The Catholic Church uses the term decree to mean a disciplinary act for violating their doctrine:



1. An authoritative order having the force of law.

2. Law The judgment of a court of equity, admiralty, probate, or divorce.

3. Roman Catholic Church

a. A doctrinal or disciplinary act of an ecumenical council.

Decrees are judicial judgments for violating law.  Below is from The King James dictionary:


DECREE, n. L. To judge; to divide.

1.     Judicial decision or determination of a litigated cause; as a decree of the court of chancery. The decision of a court of equity is called a decree; that of a court of law, a judgment.

We see that The Law of Yahuah (it is not Law of Moses as Christianity falsely implies) contained 3 distinct categories:

Deuteronomy 5

30 "Go, tell them to return to their tents. 31 But you stay here with me so that I may give you all the commands, decrees and laws/ordinances you are to teach them to follow in the land I am giving them to possess."

The Apostle Paul knew exactly what he was saying and said exactly what he meant.  Paul was describing the definition of Grace.  The blood of the lamb covers the judicial decrees levied against us for “sin” which is violating His Commands and Ordinances (Laws). 

These decrees, lumped together for all our violations, amounted to what Paul calls a “certificate of debt” that Yahusha paid on our behalf (the free gift of Grace).  Paul used the Greek word dogmasin referencing the decrees against us found within The Law.  Yahuah’s laws, ordinances, instructions, and commandments are mentioned many, many times in the the Greek Old Testament (the Septuagint) that was used by Greek-speaking people of Paul's day. But how many times does the Septuagint use the word dogma (or any of its forms) when referring to Yahuah’s laws or instructions? Never.  Not one time.

Paul could have easily used one of the same Greek words that is frequently used in the Greek Old Testament to refer to The Law of Yahuah if that is what he meant:  ho nomos, entole, krima, dikaioma, or rhema.  But he didn’t because he wasn’t speaking of The Law of Yahuah.  I will explain in this chapter that anytime Paul is referring to THE LAW of Yahuah he used the phrase ho nomos which is “The Law” in Greek.

Now let’s put that sound bite back into context.  Isn’t is interesting that Paul begins with a stern warning in verse 8 not to be taken captive by “philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world” which is exactly what “Jesus nail The Law to the cross” is.  It is a deceptive GREEK appropriate tradition of men according to the elementary (spirit of error) principle of this world. 

It is obvious that Paul was dealing with the same false teachers at the time he wrote this letter that were distorting his words.  At that time in history, pagan Greeks followed Christos Mithras and were called Christians as I have explained in this book series.  Greek Christians (followers of Christos Mithras) of his day is who Paul said “did not understand the message” of the Gospel or his writings about it:

1 Corinthians 1

23 but we preach the Passover sacrifice of Yahusha, to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness.

It was these Christians followers of various Christs that were twisting Paul’s message and condemning the assembly in Colossia (a pagan province of Rome) for keeping The Law as Paul had taught them.  So it is even today as “Jesus” is an incarnation of Constantine’s god Mithra.  We, the true sons of Yahuah, even today are condemned by Christians of our day (worshippers of the sun god Christos Jesus a later name for Mithras) twisting his words and condemning us for being obedient to The Law of Yahuah.  Nothing has changed in 2000 years.

After Paul issues the stern warning not to let the Greeks lead them astray by twisting his words, Paul goes on to describe in great detail the work of Yahusha as Passover Lamb to cover the decrees in The Law that are against all of us for transgressing it.  Then Paul goes on to encourages the assembly in Colossia to keep The Law and not to let anyone “judge them” for doing so. 


8 See to it that no one (Greek Christian) takes you captive through philosophy (pagan ‘Logos’ for example) and empty deception (sound bite implied doctrine), according to the (pagan) tradition of men, according to the elementary principles (false spirits i.e. The Spirit of Error) of the world, rather than according to The Yahushaic Covenant. 9 For in Yahusha all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form, 10 and in The Yahushaic Covenant you have been made complete (in fullness of Deity), and Yahusha is the head over all rule and authority (as the first born son of Yahuah through inheritance); 11 and in The Yahushaic Covenant you were also circumcised (in your heart) with a circumcision made without hands (Paul is teaching the transposition of The Law into the Spirit), in the removal of the body of the flesh by the circumcision of the same Spirit of Holiness (righteous keeping of The Law) that is in the Messiah; 12 having been buried with Yahusha in baptism, in which you were also raised up with Yahusha through faith in the working of Yahuah, who raised Yahusha from the dead (Paul is saying we have been given the Spirit of Holiness which is the power of Yahuah that raised Yahusha). 13 When you were dead in your transgressions and the uncircumcision of your flesh (he is speaking to former pagans in Colossia), Yahuah made you alive together with Yahusha, (and Yahuah) having forgiven us all our transgressions (by the blood of the Passover Lamb), 14 (Yahuah) having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of (His judicial) decrees against us (found in The Law), which was hostile to us (because we transgressed His Commands and Ordinances); and Yahuah has taken the decrees in The Law out of the way, having nailed those death decrees to the cross (with Yahusha and forgiven our sin). 15 When Yahusha had disarmed the rulers and authorities (by dying innocent), Yahusha made a public display of them (defeating The Law of Sin and Death), having triumphed over them through (the power of) Yahuah (who raised Yahusha from the grave).

16 Therefore no pagan Christian (that you live among in Colossia) is to act as your judge in regard to food or drink (as you keep the Dietary Laws as I taught you) or in respect to a festival (of Yahuah as you keep His Ordained Times) or a new moon (as you keep Yahuah lunar calendar not the pagan solar calendar) or a Sabbath day (as you set yourself apart from the pagan day of the sunday and keep Yahuah’s Sabbath Holy) — 17 (physical) Things which are a shadow (cast by true Spiritual Reality) (that teach us through physical to spiritual parallels) of what is to come (in the future Kingdom of Yahuah); but the substance (meaning) belongs to Yahusha (as he is the Messiah these rehearsals and festivals point to). 18 Let no one (pagan Christians in Colossia) keep defrauding you of your prize (as a god, a son of Yahuah) by delighting in self-abasement (wallowing in insignificance) and the worship of the (fallen) angels (dating back to Babylon), taking his stand on visions he has seen, inflated without cause by his fleshly mind (the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward The Law of Yahuah and cannot please Yahuah), 19 and not holding fast to the head (example set by Yahusha in keep The Law of Yahuah), from whom the entire body (follows the head by example in keeping The Law of Yahuah), being supplied and held together by the joints and ligaments (probably referring The Law of Yahuah which is the light unto our path to Yahuah), grows with a growth which is from Yahuah (because He has written His Law on our hearts and given us the Spirit of Holiness that teaches us to lovingly obey His Law).

20 If you have died in The Yahushaic Covenant to the elementary principles of the world, why, as if you were living in the world, do you submit yourself to human commands, such as, 21 “Do not handle, do not taste, do not touch!” 22 (which all refer to things destined to perish with use) — in accordance with the commandments and teachings of men (the 6,200 page Talmud)? 23 These are matters which have, to be sure, the appearance of wisdom (these teachings come from Jewish Rabbis) in self-made religion (these aren’t commandments of Yahuah) and self-abasement and severe treatment of the body, but are of no value against fleshly indulgence.

“Context” is a wonderful thing, it will keep us out of idolatry, it will keep us from false doctrine, and it puts the entire Word of Yahuah into agreement; even the writings of the Apostle Paul.  When put into context of all Paul’s writings as I have done above, we see what is consistent about Paul.  He was a Torah obedient son of Yahuah who understood The Yahushaic Covenant and taught The Law of Yahuah to the assemblies he established.  He fought against the pagan Christians (followers of Christs such as Christos Mithras and many others) of his day and fought against Rabbinical Judaism just like Yahusha did.  He taught the transposition of The Law just like Yahusha did.  Paul was a defender of The Torah, the Prophets, and The Messiah… Paul was a Nazarene!

Next: Is The Law enmity toward Yahuah?


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