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Excerpt from

Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

The Yahushaic Covenant volume iii
Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

Rav Sha'ul

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The Royal and Priestly Line of Miriam
by Rav Sha'ul


Let us begin by examining the lineage of Miriam. Was Miriam an unknown young maiden living in obscurity in Judea? Or was she a Princess and considered royalty among those seeking The Messiah and under protective custody from the wrath of Herod?

In the Bible all that remains of Yahusha’s lineage is through Miriam’s father Eli in Luke. That, however, is only half his lineage through Miriam. What about Yahusha’s lineage through Miriam’s mother? We know from reading my third book Christianity – The Great Deception the degree to which the Romans turned Yahusha the Jewish Rabbi/Healer into a pagan Roman god “Jesus” and removed all Jewish heritage from his life. We also know from the Talmud the extra-ordinary steps taken by Rabbinical Judaism to discredit Yahusha as the Messiah even going so far as to change their calendar in 358 AD so that Yahusha's birth would not fulfill Daniel's prophecy. Given these dramatic steps taken over 2000 years to hide the true identity of Yahusha it seems his lineage through Miriam’s mother somehow “got lost” along the way as well! We are about to find out why Yahusha's lineage through Miriam's mother was "misplaced".

While this crucial information concerning Yahusha’s lineage through Miriam’s mother was “removed” from our knowledge (although is was carefully kept as all royalty does) we can know who Miriam’s mother was for certain and reconstruct her true lineage. The Bible records Miriam (Yahusha’s mother) went to live with her “kinswoman” Elizabeth while with child. Elizabeth was Miriam’s auntie, the sister of Miriam’s mother Hannah. We can go back into the historical record to discover that Elizabeth was one of three daughters of the High Priest Yahusha III. One of Elizabeth’s sisters was named Hanna who was married in an arranged marriage to Eli. Eli is the father of Miriam making Elizabeth Miriam’s “kinswoman or auntie” just like the Bible states. Making Hanna her mother. Knowing who Miriam's mother was we can research historically ALL the blood running through the veins of Yahusha the Messiah!

Yahusha’s mother Miriam and grandmother Hannah were in fact considered royalty in Israel and both candidates to give birth to The Messiah as they were descended from the Zadokite Priestly line and married to Lions of Judah or Davidic Dynasty heirs:

·        Miriam was the grand-daughter of the first High Priest (Yahusha III) to serve in the Second Temple - She was the daughter of Hannah (Anna) who was the daughter of the High Priest Yahusha III. Yahusha III was the first High Priest to serve in the second Temple coming out of Babylonian/Persian captivity. Yahusha III was a High Priest in the line of Zadok or a Zadokite High Priest who was to re-establish the House of Zadok in the office of High Priest.

·        Miriam was the daughter of Heli, a Davidic and Hasmonean Prince – Heli as he is called in the genealogy of Yahusha in the Bible was also known as Alexander Helios (Heli) III in history. Eli was the son of the future Maccabee Queen Alexandra II, who at this time was known by her Jewish name, Esther of Jerusalem. Heli, the shortened nickname for Helios (“The Sun”), was a descendant of both the Maccabee Kings of Judea and a prince of the House of David, for his father was Matthan ben Levi, a Davidian Prince who was first married in his youth to the vivacious royal princess, Elizabeth of Jerusalem. Heli was executed, in the world where many Davidian aspirants, as the “young lions of Judah”, were eliminated by the cruel and tyrannical King Herod the Great as they were a threat to his throne.

What we are never taught in the “Christian Church” is that Miriam grew up in the shadows of the high priests of Israel in protective custody as both Davidic Royalty and Zadokite priestly authority. Far from being some unknown young maiden, Miriam was being carefully nurtured as a potential candidate to give birth to The Messiah! I guess you could say… “all eyes were upon her”!

Miriam’s Zadokite heritage

Yahusha III (the Messiah’s great grandfather) was the High Priest in Jerusalem during this chaotic Herodian period between the years of 36 to 23 BCE. Yahusha III had 3 daughters and no sons. High Priest Yahusha III, died prior to his grand-daughter’s (Miriam’s) birth. Yet having lived when King Herod had fully launched his pogroms (violent mob attacks which eventually claimed his life) against the young lions of Judah, the Maccabeans, and the Zadokite priests, Yahusha III was careful to ensure his 3 daughters were properly married and then put into protective custody safe from King Herod.

The 3 daughters of Yahusha III High Priest of Israel were carefully nurtured to all be “potential” mothers or grandmothers of the coming Messiah. These 3 daughters were named Elizibeth (the mother of John the Baptist), Hannah (Anna... the grandmother of Yahusha the Messiah), and JoAnna (Jane).

A father, with no sons, High Priest Yahusha III knew that his Zadokite lineage (the Zadok Priesthood line of Aaron descending from Zadok the High Priest of King David) would become extinct unless his three daughters: JoAnna, Elizabeth, and Hannah (Yahusha’s Grandmother) as dynastic heiresses to Zadok were properly placed according to the Torah with future husbands. So while they were very young children, Yahusha III arranged their marriages (a common practice at that time).

Hannah (the grandmother of Yahusha) and her two sisters were orphaned (by Herod) and initially and secretly placed in the protective custody of the Zealots in the northern regions of Galilee. This was done by the High Priest Yahusha III before he died to ensure they were kept safe from Herod’s pogroms. Here in the hot-bed of Jewish nationalism, they were shielded from King Herod by the right-wing nationalists and Davidian Zealots who were plotting to overthrow the throne of Herod. These right-wind Zealots regarded these young women as royalty and instrumental in the coming of The Messiah to overthrow King Herod. King Herod was king only by the protective shield of the Roman mantle of power and had no right to the throne. Herod was first installed and given protection by the Roman triumvir Mark Anthony, and later by Octavian, the future Caesar Augustus. He was never “anointed” by YHVH as King. Herod knew that and knew the prophesied King was coming soon.

So the 3 daughters of the High Priest Yahusha III were “key” to the coming of the prophesied Messiah and considered royalty in their day. The children of these 3 daughters (including Prince John "the Baptist" and the Princess Miriam) were considered royalty as well. Over the next 30 years the battle between the chosen King/High Priest Yahusha and the corrupted King Herod and his chosen High Priest Chiapas would culminate in the final execution of Yahusha the Messiah. Let’s continue our journey back into Yahusha’s lineage through Miriam’s mother Hanna.

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