Strange Fire
by Rav Sha'ul

Letís all remember the importance of being a servant under authority.  If God has placed in our hearts a desire to serve Him, He has also placed us under His established authority.  Our service to the King MUST be performed in submission and as a branch of that authority.

If we go out and perform works or service under our own strength, no matter how much we may feel like it is Godís Will or that it benefits His Kingdom, it could be considered ďStrange FireĒ.

Strange Fire is simply works and service done under manís own zeal for God outside of His Commission, Anointment, Will, and Authority.

Nadab and Abihu

True service is initiated by God for His Purposes and placed in the hearts of man.  As we can clearly see in Leviticus 10:1-2, Nadab and Abihu were definitely priest of God in the order of Aaron.  God had called them to service and as is always Godís Will placed them under the authority of Aaron. 

Now, these two sons of Aaron had seen him offer sacrifices many times and had been at his side to provide assistance as was their role.  They thought it looked rather simple and decided that they would offer sacrifices to God without their father Aaron and outside their fatherís authority. They wanted to make a sacrifice to God under their own strenght and authority.  Unfortunately for them, it was not God's Will that they make this sacrifice.

They performed every aspect of the offering correctly, and yet simply because they operated outside of Aaronís authorityÖ God consumed them with Fire from Heaven as they stood offering what was to God ďSTRANGE FIREĒ because it was offered without submission to His established authority.

The application to Saints today is this:  As energetic Christians we sometimes feel the need to step out and save the world with one fail swoop!  Feeling that the way to fill the desire we have to know Him is with acts of service to HimEven though this zeal for God is to be admired, it is also to be controlled and submitted to Godís established authority.  KNOWING GOD is paramount and priority above acts of service.  God has established a system by which the world may come to serve Him.  This establishment is His bodyÖ the church.   Yahusha illuded to this very concept when He said "depart I never knew you" to men who claimed to have "prophesied" in His name.  They served Him without getting to know Him.    

Service is secondary to the relationship.

Godís intent is not that we all become unguided missiles in the war against evil.  But rather soldierís submitted to Godís men in authority who can rightly direct offensives to ensure they are within Godís Will and within His revealed truth.  And to ensure we have grown properly in our relationship with the Lord before we step out in service.

In Luke 8:5-13, Yahusha commends the Roman Centurion's faith when AUTHORITY is recognized as the foundation of service.  When the centurion tells Yahusha He recognizes Yahusha authority because he too is under authority.  And the centurion tells Yahusha to simply say the word, and He could heal because the POWER TO HEAL was subject in authority to Yahusha' WORDS, having been given all authority by God the Father. 

Yahusha is amazed and proclaimed "I have not found such great faith in ANYONE in Israel"!

Authority.  The foundation of effective service to God.


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