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The Yahushaic Covenant Volume 1



Excerpt from

The Yahushaic Covenant Volume 1
by Rav Sha'ul

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The concept of ‘time
by Rav Sha'ul


One of the most difficult concepts for the mind to contemplate is the concept of time.  Our minds are trapped within a linear 3 dimensional structure.  While we are in our physical bodies we are bound within the concept of time as it relates to this Earth alone; which is totally arbitrary.  Outside of Earth the concept of time becomes relative (The Theory of Relativity).  

WARNING: I want to warn that in this section I cannot claim any “ultimate Truth” and prove anything without a doubt scripturally.  There are concepts that pertain to Yahuah and His Creation that Yahuah did not feel relevant to His Plan of Salvation for this “age” and therefore are not well defined in His Word.  That which Yahuah revealed to mankind in His Word is known as Revealed Theology. What I am explaining here in this section could be called Theoretical Theology at least that is what I call this area of my study.  It is based on the concepts found in Theoretical Physics to assist in explaining mysteries in The Bible.  Theoretical Theology is loosely related to Dogmatic Theology. The difference is there is nothing in Dogmatic Theology that even comes close to what I am about to disclose:


Dogmatic theology is that part of theology dealing with the theoretical truths of faith concerning God and his works. Dogmatic theology may be defined as the scientific exposition of the entire theoretical doctrine concerning God Himself and his external activity. Dogmatic theology emphasizes the importance of propositional truth over experiential, sensory perceptions.

We must come to an understanding of the concept of time and space if we are going to understand the concepts of the resurrection, death, and the fullness of time spoken of in the Bible.  The Bible speaks of two resurrections: one at the end of the 6,000 year period to begin the Millennial Reign and one at the end of the 7,000 year period after the Millennial Reign on Earth.  However, when Yahusha died the “graves gave up their dead” that would make 3 resurrections.  In my search for answers I am not satisfied until every puzzle has a solution.  I never want to found lacking in my understanding and trapped with an apparent contradiction in His Word.  How could there be only 2 resurrections when the Bible clearly shows 3:

1.     When Yahusha died the graves gave up their dead

2.     At the end of 6,000 years upon Yahusha’s return when the sons of Yahuah are risen

3.     At the end of the Millennial Kingdom when the dead are raised to face Yahuah in judgment

How do we reconcile this supposed contradiction?  Many may be content to overlook it; some may not have even realized it.  Ignorance is bliss they say.  Not to me!  To me ignorance is the lack of knowledge and the lack of ability to understand and explain difficult truths and realities.  It is not a state of bliss; to me it is a state of the lack of knowledge known as ignorance.  A state I am not unwilling to exist in if at all possible.  I firmly trust that I am a son of Yahuah the Creator and trust that in me exists all the fullness of deity in my body.  What I mean is that through His Spirit of Truth I can understand all things if I so ask of Him.  I pray for Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding in ALL THINGS and I ask for these things daily.  In short: if it can be understood I want to understand it.  If it can be known, I want to know it.  If it is a lie I want to overcome it.


Space and Time

To understand the apparent 3 resurrections, when the Bible says there are only 2, we must understand the concept of “space and time” as Einstein elaborated in The Theory of Relativity.  In his Theory of Relativity, which is universally accepted as the foundation of physics, Einstein postulated that time and space are relative to the distance between two objects and the speed of light.  This is known as special relativity:


In 1915, Albert Einstein first proposed his theory of special relativity. Essentially, this theory proposes the universe we live in includes 4 dimensions, the first three being what we know as space, and the fourth being spacetime, which is a dimension where time and space are inextricably linked.

According to Einstein, two people observing the same event in the same way could perceive the singular event occurring at two different times, depending upon their distance from the event in question. These types of differences arise from the time it takes for light to travel through space. Since light does travel at a finite and ever-constant speed, an observer from a more distant point will perceive an event as occurring later in time; however, the event is "actually" occurring at the same instant in time. Thus, "time" is dependent on space.

A second aspect in the Theory of Relativity is known as gravitational time.  Einstein postulates that the faster an object is moving, the slower time progresses for that object in relation to a stationary observer.  This is now a proven fact of science as we have positioned anatomical clocks on airplanes and the space shuttle and time moves slower than a stationary anatomical clock.

4 Dimensions of Space and Time 

What Einstein postulated was the Universe has 4 dimensions: the 3 physical dimensions and a 4th dimension called space/time.  Einstein further proved a single event can seem to occur at two different times, and that time slows down as an object increases in speed.  I am on going to apply these concepts to the Biblical concepts of the resurrection, death, and hell

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