The Antichrist Revealed!

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The Antichrist Revealed!

Rav Sha'ul

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Intent of the Name
by Rav Sha'ul



The Abomination of Desolation, as it is called, is the sacrifice and shedding of blood of the most abominable animal to YHVH (a pig) on His Alter that destroys His Temple.  In this chapter I am going to reveal exactly what The Abomination of Desolation is in The Kingdom of YHVH.  This is not going to be easy for most to “see” and even harder for most to “understand” and almost impossible for anyone to “accept” because the masses have not had their frontal lobe “sealed” by YHVH.  Real truth is a double edged sword; that which divides the very soul and spirit of a man.

It is imperative that we understand what religion evolved out of Babylon because it is that religion that Yahusha commands us to come out of before he returns.  It is that religion that deceives the Earth over the course of the 6,000 year training period.  It is that religious lie that those who “overcome it and endure in The Truth” will find salvation.  We only need to take a truthful look at the largest religion on Earth which is Christianity and compare it to the religion born in Babylon to know they are the exact same religions.  That is why I first wrote the two books above.  In those two books I clearly define the Babylonian Mystery Religion and then compare it closely with Christianity and demonstrate they are identical.  They worship the same god, they worship on the same day, they keep the exact same rituals, and their sacrifice remains that of the pig of Ishtar.

At this point in my book series the reader should now have a firm understanding of the concepts of physical to spiritual parallels and transposition from the physical realm to the spiritual realm.  In this book The Kingdom of YHVH I have defined the vital aspect of His Kingdom such as The Law, The Temple, The Alter, and The Sacrifices as they now exist in The Yahushaic Covenant as Yahusha came to usher in The Spiritual Kingdom of YHVH through transposition.  This was necessary to understand The Abomination of Desolation.

It is my hope that by this point in my book series the reader has developed “eyes to see” Spiritual Truth because that is the only way we will ever “see and understand” what the prophet Daniel saw in a vision and what is revealed about The Abomination of Desolation in The New Testament.  Daniel, Paul, and John saw an “image of a man” being elevated in The Temple of YHVH as God, removing the proper sacrifice for our sin, and committing the most abominable sacrifice on The Alter of YHVH.  This event literally desolates or destroys The Temple of YHVH.  It is known as The Abomination that causes Desolation

The point is this, Daniel proclaims this event happens “at the time of the end” and Yahusha confirms this fact in Matthew and John as well in Revelation.  We must understand that “at the time of the end” we are under The Yahushaic Covenant and The Alter, The Temple, and The Sacrifices have been transposed by Yahusha to their Spiritual State in The Kingdom of YHVH.  It is with this truth in mind that we must evaluate the prophecies concerning The False Messiah standing up in The Temple of YHVH proclaiming himself to be God and slaughtering a pig on The Alter of YHVH

Daniel saw a vision of what would occur physically and then what occurs in The Kingdom of YHVH within the context of The Yahushaic Covenant in the spirit. We must keep in mind YHVH’s use of physical to spiritual parallels to teach us Spiritual Truths through physical examples.  We must keep in mind how YHVH progressively revealed His Spiritual Kingdom over time.  We must keep in mind that Yahusha transposed the physical shadows to their final Spiritual Truths… we must “see” Daniel’s vision from this very important perspective… The Abomination of Desolation occurs at the end within The Yahushaic Covenant when:

·       The False Messiah is an “image” of Yahusha that is false.  He is not a real person.

·       The Alter of YHVH is not a physical alter but the heart and mind of man.

·       The Temple of YHVH is the human body not a standing physical place in Jerusalem.

·       Sacrifices are not physical animals but “faith” exercised by believers.

That is what I have been leading up to in this book so as to firmly establish these truths in order to reveal the true abominable sacrifice on The Alter of YHVH that desolates The Temple of YHVH.  What Daniel “saw in a vision” was fulfilled by Antiouchus IV which is the “shadow” of the REAL event that occurs at the end spiritually.  He describes that vision to us using a physical example that we as sons of YHVH should understand using physical to spiritual parallels. 

YHVH showed Daniel that at the time of the end we would invite a false image of The Messiah into our hearts and we would put our faith in the sacrifice of a pig.  We would spread the blood of that pig on the Alter of our hearts causing the true sacrifice of The Passover Lamb to cease on our behalf as we stopped keeping Passover and began keeping Easter.  This would leave us without the proper sacrifice for sin and our body which is His Temple would therefore be destroyed due to our transgression.

Why are the present Christian teachers telling us to look for a physical fulfillment of a Spiritual Event?  YHVH does not go backwards in “progressive revelation”… that would be “regressive revelation” and what would the point be in that?  That would be like YHVH changing His mind about Yahusha being the final sacrifice on Passover and requiring us to once again go kill a physical lamb every year… pointless.  Yahusha prophesied the destruction of the physical temple and announced the Spiritual Temple and both were fulfilled.  The physical temple is no longer required and hasn’t existed for 2,000 years since the Chief Cornerstone of the FINAL TEMPLE was properly set.  Those with “eyes to see and ears to hear let them understand” the Spiritual Kingdom of YHVH should stop looking for a physical event that has already occurred.


The Abomination of Desolation intro

As an Eschatology Scholar for the past 20 years, allow me articulate the prevailing view of The Abomination of Desolation in churches today and in Christian literature:

The Abomination of Desolation occurs at the mid-point or 3.5 years into the 7 year tribulation period.  This event begins the last 3.5 years period called The Great Tribulation.  The Great Tribulation begins when the Antichrist either erects an idol on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem after stops a working alter that The Jews have setup on the Temple Mount inside the rebuilt Third Temple.

This is what is being taught in Christian circles today.  What I am going to demonstrate in this chapter is that:

·       The Alter of YHVH is not a physical working alter in a physical temple on The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, but rather the “hearts and minds” of humanity.

·       The Third Temple is not finally constructed until after the Second Coming.  This Temple is build not by the hands of the False Messiah (antichrist) but rather The Messiah Yahusha and the sons of YHVH.  The construction of the Final and Third Temple began with the laying of the Chief Cornerstone 2000 years ago and is completed during the Millennial Kingdom with the resurrection of the rest of the sons of YHVH.  The Temple of YHVH is the bodies of YHVH’s Chosen Elect as proven by the resurrection, demonstrated in scripture, and illustrated by the physical design of the physical Temple of Solomon.

·       The singular most abominable sacrifice in the Torah is a pig.  This was foreshadowed in history when a pig was slain on The Alter of YHVH in His Temple by Antiochus IV in honor of Zeus.  Spiritually the Pig of Ishtar is the abominable sacrifice.

·       The False Messiah is the Roman demi-god Jesus H. Christ identified by name in scripture

·       The belief in Easter (the Pig of Ishtar) in lieu of Passover is the abominable sacrifice that causes the continual oblation (the slain body of Yahusha as The Lamb of YHVH) to cease.

I realize how “shocking” this sounds.  But in this chapter I will build on the transposition of The Kingdom of YHVH defined in this book and lay down Truth line upon line, precept upon precept as I build to the final inescapable conclusion. 

This chapter will be very difficult to even read for most (it is long and complex) and almost impossible to believe for many (for the conclusions presented).  It confronts almost 2000 years of Christian Tradition and is a full frontal assault on the very “God” worshipped in the hearts of many world-wide. 

I realize this book has been a long and complex study already but I encourage everyone to approach this chapter with an open heart for The Truth.  It is only by truly seeking out our own salvation with “fear and trembling” and testing every doctrine (we have come to accept as “Truth”) and be willing to accept only the pure Word of YHVH that we will be given “eyes to see”.   Our eternal life depends on our ability to overcome this one singular abomination and tear down every high place that elevates itself above the knowledge of the one true and living God… YHVH.  Not only will I clearly define The Abomination of Desolation but I will also clearly define how one can overcome it!  It is never too late while you still draw breath!

Next: Yahusha spoke in parables - this knowledge is not for everyone.


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