Mystery Babylon the religion of The Beast
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Christmas – “The Rebirth of The Sun”
by Rav Sha'ul


The Birthday of Nimrod and Tammuz and the Rebirth of the Sun (Christmas)\

The origin of Christmas has been and continues to be exposed for its true original roots:

"Nimrod started the great organized worldly apostasy from God that has dominated this world until now. Nimrod married his own mother, whose name was Semiramis. After Nimrod's death, his so-called mother-wife, Semiramis, propagated the evil doctrine of the survival of Nimrod as a spirit being. She claimed a full-grown evergreen tree sprang overnight from a dead tree stump, which symbolized the springing forth unto new life of the dead Nimrod. On each anniversary of his birth, she claimed, Nimrod would visit the evergreen tree and leave gifts upon it. December 25th, was the birthday of Nimrod. This is the real origin of the Christmas tree."

-The Plain Truth About Christmas by David J. Stewar

"Traditionally, a yule log was burned in the fireplace on Christmas Eve and during the night as the log's embers died, there appeared in the room, as if by magic, a Christmas tree surrounded by gifts. The yule log represented the sun-god Nimrod and the Christmas tree represented himself resurrected as his own son Tammuz."

--After Armageddon -Chapter 4 Where do we get our ideas?  by John A. Sarkett

The actual identity of “Santa Clause” is Nimrod himself and the X-mas Tree is a memorial to him.  We see Nimrod in a long white beard clearly pictured with a “Christmas Tree” and even a reindeer as early as 2000 BC, yes TWO THOUSAND YEARS before “Christianity” was ever created:

Christmas being the “birthday” of “Jesus” has its origins in the Babylonian Mystery Religion.  In order to secure her reign as Queen of Babylon after Nimrod’s death, Semiramis had to devise a way of keeping the “Spirit of Nimrod” alive.  She had already deified Nimrod as Baal the Sungod but needed Nimrod to return to the people. 

Semiramis consulted her astrologers who told her that the sun “dies” on December 21st (the shortest day of the year) but then it begins to come back to life again on the eve of December 24th as the days begin to grow longer.

“In paganism this is what is known as the “winter solstice,” which falls on December 21st ----when the earth is the furthest away from the sun. On December 24th, the earth begins to rotate back around the sun and comes closer to the sun. But the pagans did not know this in earlier times before science and telescopes. These pagans in Babylon thought that the sun died on December 21st and then it began to resurrect on the eve of December 24th and then it made it’s full rebirth on December 25th.  They believed this to be the birthday of Nimrod or Baal the Sungod.

Using astrology as her guide, Semiramis became pregnant on around March 25th (9 months from December 25th), and then she concocted a legend for the Babylonian people telling them that on December 21st, Nimrod dies each year, but then on December 25th Nimrod is “born-again” as the “sun-god” or “Ba’al.” Hence, on December 25th the “sun-god” is celebrated around the world with many different names.

Semiramis told the Babylonians that she had become the goddess of the moon and the sky and that Nimrod was being “reincarnated” in her womb as “Ba’al” the sun-god on December 25th. She told the Babylonians that Nimrod impregnated her with the “rays of the sun” supernaturally and Nimrod “re-incarnated” himself as her new son Tammuz on December 25th.

Her new son was named Tammuz according to Ezekiel 8:14 or generically he was called “Ba’al” (which means Lord or husband). Each year on Tammuz’s birthday on December 25th, the pagans were ordered by Semiramis to go into the groves (forests) and placed a gift on a tree to honor Nimrod who was “cut down” like a tree. They were also ordered to cut down an everygreen tree, take it into their homes and decorate it with silver and gold balls to symbolize Nimrod’s testicles.

Trees and branches became symbols of Nimrod because Nimrod was “cut down” by Shem, the son of Noah who placed a bounty hunt on his life. The book of Jasher tells us that it was Esau (the son of Jacob) who actually killed Nimrod. Hence, a tree stump became a place of honoring him, as the scriptures speak of the pagans going into the “groves” or the forest and cutting down a tree, decorating it, and propping it up so that it will not totter.” —

The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hyslop


How was “Christmas” passed down to us in “Christianity”?

In the pagan Roman society during the time lived, they instituted the “Saturnalia” in honor of the god Saturn.  It was a lawless celebration held on December 25th, the birthday of Tammuz and rebirth of Nimrod.  Each year, an innocent person would be chosen by the communities as a human sacrifice to the gods.  This person would be forced into engaging in all types of physical pleasures (food, sex, etc) throughout the week leading up to Saturnalia then murdered on December 25th with the aim of obtaining the gods blessing for the coming years crops.

In addition to human sacrifice, there was wide-spread intoxication and the people would go house-to-house singing (origin of caroling).  The people would mimic human sacrifice by eating human shaped biscuits (we call them gingerbread men).  The Encyclopedia Britannica volume 24 page. 231 tells us the people would give each other gifts.  Primarily to children in the form of “dolls” which represented sacrificed human beings to the infernal gods.

Christianity incorporated Saturnalia into the religion of Constantine (Christianity) calling it Christmas in the 4th Century AD.  No such festival exists in the Bible.  It is directly from Babylon.  Yahusha was born during the Feast of Sukkoth in the Fall.


The Christmas Tree

Jeremiah 10:2-4

“Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; (astrology was idolized) for the heathen are dismayed at them…For the customs of the people are vain: for one cuts a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers that it move not.” (then they put gifts under it and bow down to it as if to accept the gift from the gods)

The Hebrew word for “groves” in this case is Strong’s H842 – ‘asherah אֲשֵׁרָה’.

Asherah: groves (for idol worship); a Babylonian (Astarte/Ishtar) - Canaanite goddess (of fortune and happiness), the supposed consort of Baal known as Ishtar, her images; the goddess, goddesses; her images; sacred trees or poles set up near an altar.

The origin of the X-mas Tree (X or “the cross” is the symbol of Tammuz and the mark/monogram of Jesus Christ) is actually the Tammuz/Nimrod Tree and has absolutely nothing to do with The Messiah or The Truth found in The Bible.  The X-mas Tree was a central figure in the Babylonian Religion with a snake wrapped around a tree trunk.  We now, of course, don’t have snakes around our tree we have garland! But let us not be so naive to think YHVH approves of such ignorance in worship founded in Babylonian paganism…

Christmas trees are really Asherah poles or sacred trees for honoring “Ba’al” and the ornaments represent Nimrod’s testicles! Garland representing the serpent, Satan!  Babylonian history records that Nimrod was cut into pieces and his body parts were sent to different provinces of Babylon to warn the people not to sacrifice babies to Moloch. His only body part which was never found was his penis. Semiramis, his mother/wife then decided to memorialize his penis by erecting a giant image of Nimrod’s penis which today is called the obelisk.  They adorn many Christian Churches today as steeples as I noted earlier in this chapter.  We are COMMANDED by YHVH to destroy these very structures: Exodus 23:24, Exodus 34:13, Deuteronomy 7:5, Deuteronomy 12:3, Jeremiah 43:13, Hosea 10:2.  Yet, we openly worship them as part of the Christian Religion.  The Christmas Tree is also the symbol of Satan in the Garden of Eden, the garland wrapped around the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” like a snake around the tree with the ornamental balls representing the forbidden fruit:

The Cross of Tammuz

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